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How to Book a Tent? and Save 10%...

We have had a great relationship with Rebel Tents for more than 10 years.

They can be reached at 613.821.3131

Kiera can also be reached via email: [email protected]

Get Started by Figuring out Which Tent You Need...

Frame Tents: They can be staked or held down with counterweights. Tent roof is more like a house.

Pole Tents: They MUST be staked, counterweights are NOT an option. Tent roof is more peaked like a circus tent.

Stakes go down about 3 feet, please ensure where they are to stake, that it is not in the septic bed, or where your cabling runs. They city can provide you with an indication of where your cables run prior to you booking a tent. Google Call Before Your Dig Ontario, this is a free service, homeowner HAS to do the request.

Lighting Option: Standards lighting, Chandelier (larger tents only), and bistro/string lights. Highly recommend the dimmer box to control intensity of the lighting for your event. Bright at set up and take down, and dimmed down for your actual event.

Flooring: Grey composite flooring, can be used in entire tent or just for a dance floor area.

Walls: 50% of the walls are windowed and 50% are solid walls. Walls are included with your tent.

How big should you tent be? See the formula we use below to calculate your MINIMUM tent size. Remember always go up in size, as if you go down all your tables and chairs may not fit. Secondly, should you have the bad luck of a rainy event, you want to have room to walk behind guests as your walls would then be closed.

Determining Tent Size: Rebel Tent can provide a mock up tent layout once you choose your size of tent.

Rough calculations ONLY: 

8 square feet per person if items under the tent are set up for a ceremony style seating, chairs only. 

12 square feet per person with rectangular tables for seating, and

15 square feet per person if using round tables. Again, this is rough calculations, so you know about where you need to look for sizing.

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