There is no way to pay for your rental contracts at time of quote request.

This means that when you receive our quote and your choose to pay for your rentals you have some flexibilitbut

but you cannot cancel without losing your 50% reservation fee. (50% of the total quote amount is considered your commitment to

book the items, which we are holding for you, and saying NO to other clients.)

Adjusting the contract once your initial 50% reservation fee has been made can be done as follows:

1-increase quantities by availability

2-reduce by 25% per item. (example: if you booked 100 chairs, you can reduce to 75 up to Tuesday 5 pm,

of the same week if your pick up or delivery dats is set to the Friday)

3-example 2: if you booked 48 plates you can drop to 36, but if you book less than 48, you are booking and keeping what you booked)

4-no removal of any product, as that product has been tied to your contract makin it not available for others. This is in place to

avoid people hoarding product for their event and at the last minute releasing it.

Please, book once you are 100% sure you are having your event.

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