All about Renting from Fiesta Ottawa

Main Things You Should Know About Renting:

Rental inventory changes every single day, so the best time to book your rentals is when you know 100% for sure what you are ordering are items you will need.

Once you have paid your non-refundable reservation fee of 50%, you can still adjust what is on your contract, you can go up in quantity by availability and you can go down by 25% per line i item. You cannot remove items from your rental contract as we have held that item for your event. Your Quote becomes a Contract at the time of 50% or more reservation fee has been paid.

Dishes: All dishware is rented in full dozens. (12, 24, 36 etc). This is for plates, glasses and cutlery.

Linen: Table linen, runners, overlays, napkins, chair covers are rented in what ever quantity you request.

Be AWARE: Burn holes, candle wax and mould from bagging linen wet is NOT covered under the damage waiver, as this renders the product so damaged it cannot be repaired.

if you need a tent, it is best to speak to us or request more information about your tent. You can certainly read the information on tents and sizing and choose a tent to get started for your quote. We can always edit the quote when we first speak by phone.

Tables and Chairs: All tables and chairs are used indoors and outdoors. What this means is that if you are hosting at home on hardwood floors, please have felt pads handy to protect your floors.

Best Way to Create My Quote:

1 - Add all items you wish quoted to the shopping cart

2 - Go through the check out process, no payment is possible, as this is a request for a quote only, and we will create your quote in our rental system after we receive your request

3 - In the notes section, please provide the event date as well as the delivery address if different than your profile address.

4 - Wait for us to eMail you your quote, and then review it to make sure all your information is correct like name, address, phone, event date, delivery address if you have chosen to be quoted for delivery.

5 - Delivery will be quoted on distance from the store/location, so you cannot get that quoted on-line.

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