Frame Tents, Pole Tents, and Tent Liners

Frame Tents:  They can be staked or held down with counterweights.

Pole Tents: They MUST be staked, counterweights are NOT an option.

Stakes go down about 3 feet, please ensure where they are to stake, that it is not in the septic bed, or where your cabling runs.  They city can provide you with a indication of where your cables run prior to you booking a tent.

30 and 40 foot wide tents have the option to be upgraded with a tent liner, adding elegance and fanciness to your event.

Determining Tent Size:

Rough calculations ONLY:  8 square feet per person if items under the tent are set up for a ceremony style seating, chairs only.  12 square feet per person with rectangular tables for seating, and 15 square feet per person if using round tables.  Again, this is rough calculations, so you know about where you need to look for sizing.

10 Foot Wide Tents

15 Foot Wide Tents

20 Foot Wide Tents

30 Foot Wide Tents

40 Foot Wide Tents

60 Foot Wide Tents