Franchise Opportunity



Locally owned in Ottawa, Canada, Fiesta is branching out to serve more of our amazing customers.

We pride ourselves to bring rental show rooms to the community instead of just one location in the city. This saves time for our customers on commuting to our showroom while they are in the planning phase. This phase is typically requiring the most trips in to decide which items are best for their event.

Our showrooms are meant to be interactive, meaning we have tables in a variety of sizes and chairs in a variety of styles for you to see. As well as sample linens and dishware so you can see what your table looks like before you rent the items.

Our inventory is held in a centrally located warehouse to serve the entire city. Our Party Partner, Big Top Tents, brings to you, the franchisee, a tent company at your finger tips. Inventory is controlled from within the same software you would be using to serve your customers.

The software is in place already, linked to the warehouse, and everything is turn-key for an new owner to bring their love of helping people plan their events to life.

We at head quarters, we open the locations for its first year, then we offer this as a franchise, bringing the franchisee the benefit of one (1) year of operation in the community, helping each new owner with the ground-breaking process of building your business.

The Market:

Things have changed a lot, with the younger generations now NOT buying everything to keep for life, but more of the mind set, “rent it for when I need it, so I don’t have to store it” scenario.

More and more business is done on short term rental of all kinds of items, hence why we see the increase in rentals each and every year.

As an added feature, we are already known for our great balloons, which is an easy addition to the business. Balloons sales alone by year three (3) or four (4) should be able to cover all of the location expenses, making everything you rent pure profit.

Head Office takes care of buying rental inventory, and delivering the inventory to those who pay for the delivery.  You just have to offer and rent it to your customers, no additional expense for you to buy product to rent.  You will receive the location you purchase stocked with your initial set up of balloons, and then you will order to replenish.


Fiesta owners, who have been running the rental business since 2011 will provide all the training needed and required. Hands on, over the phone, any time you need it. Your success is our success, always.

What Makes Fiesta Unique?

We are the only franchise in Ottawa, with more than one location, with Big Top Tent company under our own roof to widen our service options. One Stop Shop! Including the decor of balloons.

We are also unique to have each franchisee only need to have about seven hundred (700) square feet to operate, as we store all rental inventory in a large warehouse for you.  This significantly reduces your overhead with having to lease space.

Images of Location for Sale:


Franchisee walks in to fully functional location with a wall of retail space available, which already has stock on it, however, what you place there is up to you, as you will know your market best.   Need help choosing? We are always available to share what we do and have done in the past.  Retail space is sixteen (16) feet long wall which is eight (8) feet high. (slat wall coverage)

Contact us for Franchisee package:
613.864-5465 – cell

Disclaimer: This franchising information is not intended as an offer to sell a franchise or the solicitation of an offer to buy a franchise. It is for information purposes only.